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Get a free website

You get a free website when you move your shop to Adeton. Your customers can access your shop with a domain of your choice and you also get to appear in search engine searches like Google. We believe it's the best option compared to paying for development and maintainance of a website.


Your website feels natural on any device. Mobile, laptop or desktop. We have worked hard to eliminate any form of clumsiness.


From running lots of benchmarks against different online shops, sites powered with Adeton have the fastest load times.


We charge nothing for maintaining and hosting your online shop.

We offer perpetual updates with features and security to your site and make sure there are no down times. Your business means a lot to us. Sell with peace of mind!

Comprehensive Dashboard

We do not get in your way when running your business. So we provided a very easy to use administration dashboard to help you manage your catalog, orders, delivery and many more.

Overview & Analytics

From the dashboard you can see an overall progress of your business and site like visits, products sales and views, etc.

Products & Categories

Adding products is less intrusive and only request for relevant details.


All you need to configure your shop from settlement account through brand/theme choices to administration management.

Facebook/Instagram Integration

Have you been longing to set up Instagram shopping? Adeton comes to the rescue. With Instagram shopping enabled for your online shop, you will be able to increase your conversion rates.

We have put together how to set up Instagram shopping with Adeton. Follow the steps to get started. If you prefer to read, you can follow the article here:


Yes, you must have been waiting for this! Delivery setup has been provided in the administration dashboard. With this interface, you are able to set radius and rates which will calculated for the customer's location at checkout.

Pay options

You can configure payment options for delivery: Pay on arrival or Pay online. With Pay on arrival, the customer pays for the delivery when he/she receives the order.


For deliveries, we take actual GPS coordinates of the customer. This means you can share the order with your dispatch to use maps to navigate to your customer.

Delivery Options

You can configure delivery options available to your customers: Pick up and Deliver to location

You can share orders to your dispatch rider with a tap of a button. The order info will include order number, customer name, contact and maps address.


Do you have a partner or employees helping you run your business? We have provided a way to add multiple people to your shop's administration. Stress is not good for one person!

Management Levels

There different management levels: manager, administration and shop keeper. These place some level restriction on each management staff.

Amazing Support Team

We like to chat. Come to us with the problems you face on our platform.