Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a curated list of answers to commonly asked questions. If you have any question, tweet at us @adetonhq

Adeton is a web service with the mission to simplify shopping experience for both merchants and customers. This is achieved by providing each online seller an online shop (site) with tools to effectively handle orders, manage inventory, set up delivery rates and so much more.

Anyone can create an online shop on Adeton. And it is free to setup.

When creating a shop, you specify a URL you want customers to use to access your site. For example, if your shop is named Klinex Enterprise, you can choose a URL like Customers will enter this URL in their browsers to access your site.

You can specify this URL in your Instagram, Twitter or Whatsapp bio so that customers can click on them.

No. Every merchant gets his/her own separate site. This means customers only see the products you upload your site.

Inform new and old customers to make purchases from your site. Share your site URL on your social stories and bio to enable customers to discover your site.

You can use discount codes (which can be created from the admin dashboard) to encourage customers to make purchases from your site.

Payouts are automatically made within 48 hours into your settlement account (Mobile Money or Bank account). For example, payments received on Monday will be settled by Wednesday.

This means when you start taking orders today, after 2 days, you start receiving your money everyday, but for sales from the past two business days.

Payouts are not available on Weekends. Our payment processor does not handle settlements on weekends.

It is simple. You only need to provide your Mobile Money number or Bank Account number on Admin Dashboard > Settings > Payment on your site.

Customers, however, will be able to make payments using their Mobile Money account (MTN, AirtelTigo, Vodafone), MasterCard or VISA cards.

You can easily set up delivery on the Admin Dashboard > Settings > Delivery. You can configure distance and rates or pick up points.

You can also set delivery to be paid on arrival or instantly with the order.