Do you sell on Whatsapp or Instagram?

Sell with ease by improving your customers' experience. Adeton provides you with the platform to host your catalog, take orders and payments and deliver with minimal efforts.



Hosted sites




Features & Tools

You and your customers' experience

Clean Refreshing Homepage

Loads blazingly fast

Your customers land on a beautiful intuitive homepage that keeps them hanging around. Adeton provides you with ways to customize your site's texts, colors 🎨 and visuals to align with your brand.

You dont need a desktop/laptop computer to get started. Get Started right on your mobile

Comprehensive Product Detail

with variant selections

Reduce conversation round-trips with well-detailed product descriptions. Adeton provides you with ways to describe product variants for convenient customer selections.

Variant options include size, color, flavor and grade.


Concise Checkout

The most straightforward checkout ever!


We understand the frustrations customers go through with most online checkouts. So with lots of feedback from users, we designed the most simplest checkout ever.

Customers do not need to create an account to place orders.

Complete Admin Dashboard

Have total control.

Manage your site with complete control over site content, theming, products, orders, management and so much more. You also get an overview and analytics on business progress.

Only merchants and their management can access the admin dashboard

Adeton is for those that want to do more 🥳

We understand texting hundreds of customers a day can be overwhelming. Manually recording their orders and maintaining correctness can be stressful. What even kills it is coordinating delivery 📦 and payments. Let's not talk about accounting!

Our goal is to help business owners focus on growing their business instead of waiting on orders. We do this by providing you with tools to simplify the order and delivery process. Least you have to do is post your products and package orders.


No, Adeton is not like
Tonaton, Jiji or Jumia

Adeton is more 🤤. Don't get confused! Unlike these platforms that provide everyone with a medium to share their products in a single place, we provide you with your personal site and tools and allow you to run your shop any way you want - separate from everyone else.

We also provide you with ways to take payments for orders from any Mobile Money wallet, MasterCard or VISA.

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